For Doctors:
Our mission is to provide exceptional rehabilitation and proactive
wellness services.  Brazosport Rehabilitation & Wellness, LLC
and wellness needs by offering a distinct environment with a
friendly and knowledgeable staff. Our variety of services is
designed to meet the specific needs of our clients and assist
them in returning to a functional and healthy life.

Referral for Services:
The physician may recommend additional outpatient rehabilitation
and/or wellness services from their office or when discharged are
necessary to complete the process of scheduling an initial

  • Prescription from the doctor: Must include the date,
    patient's name, ICD9 code and diagnosis, frequency and
    duration, body parts to be treated and signature of medical

  • Demographic sheet: A demographic sheet needs to be
    faxed to our clinic for insurance verification. It should include
    the patient’s name, phone number, date of birth, social
    security number, and insurance information. If Workman’s
    Compensation, please include the adjustor’s name and phone
    number. If the patient needs to be seen immediately, please
    call and we will make arrangements to do same day service if
    the patient’s schedule allows.

  • Workman’s Compensation Patients: Patient must see a
    worker’s compensation approved physician every 30 days. We
    must have a claim number on file before a patient can be

  • Medicare Patients: Initial referral can cover 60 calendar
    days with plan of care certified every 30 days if referral
    reflects 8 weeks. The plan of care and referral must be signed
    by the physician for billing.

  • Private Insurance and Self Pay Patients: Patients will need
    to follow up with their physician after their therapy ends. For
    example, if the physician orders 3 times per week for 6 weeks,
    at the end of 6 weeks the patient will need to return to the
    physician. If the Physician wants follow up appointments
    sooner than every 30 days, please notify Brazosport
    Rehabilitation & Wellness LLC, and send a reevaluation and
    new referral if we continue therapy past the initial referral
    duration. The patient will receive reassessments periodically
    with home exercise programs as appropriate for diagnosis and

Thank you for your referral.
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